Sapura Mines

Welcome to Sapura Mines, an iconic building in Sri Kembangan. Recognized for its bright blue dome, this 10-storey building is located along the Sungai Besi Expressway next to the scenic Mines Lake. A beautiful lake view to enthrall your sense to unwind from a day of work.


Let us re – introduce you to Sapura Mines. ​



A flexible office building to cater to all business segments. Sapura Mines is suite for the modern community workforce and remains a vanguard to lead the way of Klang Valley office space evolution



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Event Space

Whether your company is having a quarterly review, launching a new product or just in need of a change of scenery to spark creativity amongst colleagues, Sapura Mines Hall and meeting rooms will fit your occasion.


A New 


We cater grand wedding celebrations or private ceremonies amongst your close friends and families. From simple to contemporary weddings, the tranquil and inspirational surroundings befit the most romantic and unique weddings.​

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